A low code platform for
the service industry

” Gartner estimates that by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity. Today the development of the use of these platforms is essential. “

Stategic planning assumptions – Gartner

IWE is a low code platform. In other words, it makes it possible to create management applications exclusively through settings/programing.

Several features makes IWE an unique platform :

Technology - Web application and zero code collaborative tool for digital customer journey and processes
  • iWE applications capture 100% of the customer’s needs based on an extensive description of the business data, customized processes and numerous integrated features,
  • All IWE applications are collaborative in nature,
  • To create an IWE application is to create as many applications as there are participants in your ecosystem,
  • Ergonomics, the effectiveness of features and their integration with each other, the general look and feel of IWE applications have been carefully thought,
  • Our application is easy to use and often requires no user training.

IWE applications are always at the heart of the customer’s operational system and generally cover the key activities.


100% of IWE interactions between backend and frontend rely on APIs Rest. Thus there are an API for all your business integrations.

Integrations with standard products on the market are already completed and available for your project :

  • Docusign Electronic signature
  • Google, yahoo, microsoft agendas, etc.

To come :

  • Docapost (LRAR letters)
  • Stripe (online payment)
Integration - Web application and zero code collaborative tool for digital customer journey and processes


The infrastructure has been designed to be highly available and scalable and this at a reduced cost in relation with/ with regard to the level of security.

We carefully perform backups every two hours. They are archived and secured.

The infrastructure is monitored through several systems and probes spread over several geographical areas.


IWE applications are deployed on shared or private environments in Europe or France. We work with trusted cloud providers :

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Logo Claranet

We build and manage our customers’ infrastructures when they wish to subscribe directly to cloud services providers.

Entrust us with the developement of your
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